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Test Automation for Web Portals


About the Client

Our client offers a web portal that allows customers to manage their income, leases, and expenses. The service platform is Salesforce-based and allows customers to manage their washing machine maintenance from the initial service call through the billing stage. The customer also has a mobile application for laundry room users. The app allows customers to find the closest laundry room, view washing machine descriptions, and even pay for laundry service.

Problem Statement

Our client already had a team primarily responsible for testing mobile apps. They needed an additional test automation team to create test cases and scripts for their Salesforce-based service platform and their customer’s website portal to improve operations and customer satisfaction.


Our client contacted us to get help from some of the best test automation engineers. We provided our customers with test automation engineers that could quickly dive into the details of their projects, work closely with customers’ test and development teams, and create automated test scripts daily.

How our test automation engineers helped the customers?

To ensure that the app’s core functionality is functioning correctly, our test automation engineers performed a smoke test on your client’s website portal and service platform.

Our team created, maintained, and updated automated regression tests to ensure functionality stays intact after weekly updates.

To facilitate the testing of your mobile apps, our test engineers created test automation scripts that can be used on iOS and Android.

We sent automated tests that engineers wrote to Microsoft Teams. This information was used to inform test and development teams of successful and unsuccessful tests.

Our team realized that web users care more about the usability of their portals, as well as their requirements and functionality. To ensure customer satisfaction, engineers used relevant metrics to measure usability.

Below are some tools and technologies that we used to address our client’s needs and yield desired results:

Remote communication tools: Microsoft teams

Testing tool: Jmeter.

Tools for defect tracking: Jira, TestRail.


We provided our customer with several automation suites to test the Salesforce-based service and web portal.

These suites helped reduce GUI control and data display errors and increased app users’ satisfaction.

This project is ongoing and has been going on for over two years. Our test engineers created a script that identified 400+ bugs, significantly improving the portal’s functionality and productivity.

Our engineers increased API’s and applications’ performance and response times by 6.4X through performance testing using Jmeter.

Our automated tests helped our clients save time that is otherwise needed to run repetitive tests. These repetitive tests can take many days, but our solution reduced this time to hours.

The reduced time in turn reduced the cost that the company was spending in these time taking automation tests.

Our engineers helped the client to increase their web portal quality to manifolds.

Our team focused on source code changes and worked to ensure there’s no bugs. This resulted in seamless usage of the web portals and end user satisfaction.

Why Transpire?

Transpire, a global IT consulting company has over 15 years of experience providing a roadmap for digital transformation and solutions. We devise solutions for web portals and salesforce-based service platforms to make them more reliable and provide a better usability experience to their customers. Our tech-based solutions are result-driven and yield 100% customer satisfaction.

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