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Cloud Services

Increase the agility and scalability of your applications with cloud advancement. At Transpire, we let you securely host your applications and workloads in the cloud.

Get the Most out of Your Business by Implementing the Right Cloud Solutions

Migrating from a traditional to next-generation cloud environment at the right pace can be challenging for any organization. Often companies need the proper tools and the skill set to embark on cloud migration and modernization journeys. Thus, they struggle with immature cloud-native practices, security issues, inflexible cloud strategies, and modernization approaches.

Businesses need innovation and agility to provide seamless digital experiences to their customers. You need to design a future-ready cloud strategy and architecture to get the most out of your business. We help you choose the correct foundations to build upon and help you choose the right solutions to operate in the cloud optimally.

At Transpire, we help you accelerate business outcomes via end-to-end, secure cloud services. Our experts efficiently manage the complexity across cloud-centric infrastructures at every step and benefit organizations via cloud modernization.

Reduction in Churn Rate

Due to better performance, increased innovation, and high availability.

Gain in Efficiency

By using proven approach  and increased time to value due to increased automation and faster time to process data.


Reduction in Cost and Complexity

Due to reusable templates and accelerators for cloud adoption, migration, and modernization


Our Cloud Services & Offering

We provide end-to-end cloud services to cover all aspects and drive innovation to your business

Modern Workplace

Migrate to a more efficient and modern workspace to optimize team collaboration. We’ll help you identify your industry needs and connect your digital workspaces to business processes.

Cloud Migration

We help you migrate your workload and applications to efficient cloud-native architecture by implementing a strategy based on your business needs. Our expert team lets you migrate to modern infrastructure and refactor your existing applications.


Automation and Modernization

Automate your cloud deployments for standardization across your cloud environment. We automate cloud migration to speed up project timelines and let you focus on value-driven tasks.

Cloud Security

Build resilient solutions during project implementation to ensure security at every step of your cloud migration journey. We help you establish a risk-aligned roadmap for baseline cloud security.

Governance and Risk Compliance

We help you minimize risks and ensure compliance with industry-leading global security standards that comply with US and Canadian federal and provincial security frameworks.

Cloud Managed Services

Focus on strategic business initiatives and leave day-to-day management to us. We manage your cloud-based services by proactive monitoring and simplify your cloud complexity.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Build and scale your cloud solutions to provide business continuity and disaster recovery. Have your BCDR plan built out and reviewed by our experts annually.

Cloud Assessments

Our assessment service provides you the confidence to keep moving in the cloud. Identify which applications can benefit from being migrated to the cloud and identify future outcomes.

Cloud Learning Management Services

Fast-track your LMS deployment with our experts to deliver training content to thousands of employees and contractors, so they stay updated with the latest industry trends.

How we do it

Our Approach

We understand your pain points and work with you to design cloud solutions customized to your business requirements

Cost and Billing

Our core focus in cloud migration is to lower the total cost of ownership. We help you avoid overhead and maintenance costs through intelligent monitoring.

Outcome Driven Approach

We focus on delivering real-life outcomes rather than just selling. At Transpire, we deliver mission-critical success with proven experience.

Security and Resiliency

We use secure and resilient technologies that help businesses keep their system up and running regardless of the complexity.

Quality Solutions

We take pride in the quality of our cloud solutions and do not compromise on standards. We go above and beyond to provide quality solutions.


To fill the gap between organizations and third-party services, we collaborate with businesses to provide proven technologies and innovative solutions for cloud adoption.


Continued Success

We integrate and work as a part of your existing team to deliver outcomes and share success. We invest in building strong and long-lasting partnerships.

Ecosystem Partnerships

Partnerships Powered by the Cloud

We work together across the globe to make a world of difference

Overview of our selected work

Case Studies & Stories

We are helping businesses bring change to the world through our innovative solutions


Transpire’s cloud assessment, strategy, and architecture help reduce the cost and time for cloud adoption and migration. We help businesses take cloud initiatives, manage the complete adoption lifecycle, and streamline their operations. Grow your business in the cloud and unlock business values with our future-ready cloud services.



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