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Managed Detection and Response in Detecting Advanced Persistent Threats for a Technology Services Provider


Digging deep into the APTs threat challenges!

About the Customer

Our client, a highly regarded technology services provider, has earned its reputation through its innovative IT solutions and deep digital knowledge. The company is widely recognized for delivering cutting-edge tech services that empower businesses to thrive in the digital age. With a solid track record of providing top-notch solutions, our client has become a trusted partner for organizations seeking to enhance their digital presence and operational efficiency.

The Challenge

Our client struggled to identify and stop covert Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). Remote threat actors can leverage the attack to slip past security measures without raising alarms. Unlike regular cyberattacks, APTs can remain hidden for prolonged periods, making them even more dangerous. If left unchecked, they can lead to serious consequences, such as stealing sensitive data or causing disruptions in normal operations.

These attacks can exploit vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the digital infrastructure, gaining unauthorized access and potentially wreaking havoc behind the scenes. Threat actors operate patiently and precisely, aiming to extract valuable information or disturb important operations while avoiding detection.

By recognizing the criticality of this challenge, our client reached out to us for help, demonstrating their commitment to safeguarding their digital assets and maintaining operational continuity. This process, however, requires a comprehensive and proactive approach involving advanced tools, expert analysis, and the ability to stay ahead of evolving tactics used by cyber adversaries.

What we did

Managed Detection and Response system creation to tackle challenges!

The Solution

Transpire created a smart plan to tackle these challenges and help our clients. We set up a special Managed Detection and Response (MDR) system. This system uses smart technology and human experts to always watch over TechWise Solutions’ digital stuff. It looked for any strange activities that might mean there was an APT.

By collaborating with us, our client seeks to improve defenses, detect APTs early, and respond swiftly to minimize potential damage.

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We used smart info from different places, like secret online forums and hidden websites, to predict new kinds of attacks. This helped our client stay ready and protect itself from new tricks. Furthermore, our experts carefully looked for hidden threats that normal security might miss. They looked at how things behaved on the network and checked the records to find signs of sneaky APTs.

After all the examinations, we clearly planned what to do if an APT was found. This plan had step-by-step instructions to stop the threat and lessen the damage quickly.

A Valuable Difference

Safeguarding the company’s important digital assets!

With Transpire’s MDR system, our client found and stopped the APTs they didn’t know existed. This made sure the company’s important digital assets were safe. Additionally, using smart threat info, our client could guess new attacks and be ready to stop them. This move helped them stay ahead of the hackers.

With a clear plan, our client’s IT and security teams were ready to stop APTs fast. This ensured the company could return to normal quickly if there were a problem. Furthermore, our client’s smart approach to APTs helps them gain the customers’ trust, presenting an image that their digital stuff was safe and that our client knew how to protect them.

Why Transpire?

With a team of dedicated and certified professionals, cutting-edge tools, and proven methodologies, Transpire assures financial organizations can proactively protect their digital assets, ensure regulatory compliance, and strengthen their overall cybersecurity posture.

Transpire is a global IT consultancy company with over 15 years of experience in digital solutions, providing businesses with a roadmap to digital transformation. We help businesses optimize operations and increase ROI by identifying new business opportunities with specialized high-tech change and accelerating cloud migration while minimizing business disruption.


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