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Server Migration for an eCommerce Industry


About the Client

The client runs an eCommerce division powered by a third-party vendor. They are a UK-based e-commerce company that ships its products throughout the UK. It is one of the leading online retailers and has grown exceptionally in popularity.


It is logical sometimes to migrate to an open-source alternative, while other times, it is necessary due to dependencies. Just like our client who had to migrate their server from SQL to MySQL because their vendor did so.

The main challenge that client faced was that they never migrated their platform before and now to upgrade to the latest version and continue the business partnership with its vendor for successful operations, they need to do so.


Our client reached out for our assistance in migrating their server. Before implementing a migration solution, we assessed the existing SQL server database. This type of assessment is crucial because it allows us to find stored procedures in modern open-source systems.

Our assessments helped us to reach to the following findings for the case:

A procedure set to email reports to a set of stakeholders was a standard practice in SQL servers, but MySQL doesn’t have this feature.

Third-party options and custom implementations are required.

SSIS packages were also available that moved data around databases. This is a significant finding, as ETL technology has advanced rapidly since the initial setup of the client’s ETL.

How did we perform the migration?

After identifying the issues, we began migrating data. To move data from the original SQL server instance to the new MySQL, we used AWS Database Migration Services. Some columns contained binary data, which created challenges during the migration. We compiled these binary files and solved the problem further by compiling those into software packages and storing them as a MySQL BLOB.


This was a single-time migration, and we were able to satisfy our clients with our services. We invested minimal time and effort but yielded the best results. Some of the benefits are as follows:

Minimal Downtime: We were able to significantly reduce our client’s server’s downtime because we used the AWS Database Migration System. It continually replicates changes to the source databases during migration while keeping them operational. This allows the customer to switch between databases anytime without shutting down the other.

Increased reliability: Migrating to MYSQL helped our client deliver efficient performance; hence, their business’s reliability grew exceptionally.

Cost reduction: AWS DMS is a very cost-effective solution for businesses. Users often find it a budget-friendly solution, and so did our client. The setup, running, and maintenance cost is zero and our client could save money to invest in other business operations.

Increased scalability: Due to successful migration our client was able to use the MYSQL features to the full extent. Unlike SQL server, MYSQL server runs on almost every operating system, and the customers are not bound to use any single platform. This increased the scalability of our customer’s business and helped them grow more robust in the industry.

Why Transpire

Although migrating a database may seem simple, there are many additional steps that inexperienced developers and companies often overlook. This could cause irreparable damage to your business; this is why TranspireTechnologies’ data practice is among the best in the business.

We are a global IT consultancy company with over 15 years of experience in digital solutions, providing businesses with a roadmap to digital transformation. Our advanced and success-oriented solutions help our clients win the target they have always wanted to achieve. E-commerce industries can rely on us to make their IT foundations strong enough to handle everything that comes their way.

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