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Revitalizing User Experience: How a UX Audit Transformed a Textile Company’s Mobile App


Auditing Major Challenges with Online Marketplace!

Our client is a textile store that offers a wide range of fabrics, apparel, and home textile products. They aim to provide their customers with a seamless and enjoyable in-store and online shopping experience. They’ve recently launched a mobile app for their online marketplace. Knowing the importance of user experience, our client wants to ensure their app works effectively, shows their products effectively, and meets the need of their target audience.

Our client approached us with concerns regarding their online presence and user experience. Despite having a large number of downloads for their recently launched app initially, they encountered significant hurdles in user retention and conversion rates. Seeing the rising trend of users abandoning the app shortly after installation, they recognized the need for expert intervention to understand the underlying causes and devise effective solutions.

The client lacked clarity on the factors driving user abandonment, so they turned to us for our specialized expertise in conducting a thorough UX audit. The client’s main challenge was understanding why users were so quick to abandon the app after the initial download. Our team thoroughly examined the app’s user journey, studying the pain points, and missed business opportunities.

Optimizing app user engagement for Textile company!

Our client tried several third-party options before finally choosing to partner with us. Our client preferred us based on our comprehensive suite of solutions to business operations.

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During the project discovery phase, we conducted a stakeholder meeting with the textile company to understand their objectives and the project’s scope. Our research focused on their target audience, behaviors, and pain points. Additionally, we analyzed competitor apps to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement.

To gain valuable insights into user behavior, we analyzed user analytics data using tools such as Microsoft Clarity. Our analysis revealed that most users accessed the app through mobile devices, emphasizing the need to optimize the mobile experience. However, the average time spent on the app was lower than expected, indicating potential usability issues. Furthermore, the app’s loading time exceeded the benchmark, suggesting performance issues that could be causing user frustration and abandonment.

We assessed the client’s design system and audited the app against it in the design system evaluation. We identified inconsistencies in the app’s interface that negatively impacted the user experience. To ensure consistency and improve the overall user experience, we provided recommendations for aligning the app with the design system.

Using Nielsen’s Heuristic Principles as our standard, we conducted a heuristic evaluation of the app. This evaluation allowed us to identify areas where the app deviated from established usability principles. We provided practical recommendations to address these issues, including simplifying the app’s navigation and information structure, updating the layout and design to enhance visual appeal, and ensuring informative and engaging content tailored to users’ needs. Additionally, we recommended optimizing forms and the checkout process to provide a smooth and hassle-free experience.

We conducted usability testing with diverse participants to validate our findings and gather additional insights. By observing their interactions with the app and noting their feedback and pain points, we uncovered usability issues that may have gone unnoticed. This qualitative approach helped us generate ideas for further improvements to enhance the overall user experience.

A blueprint for a truly optimized information architecture

The enhanced navigation and information structure of the app made it easier for users to find and explore products and resulted in increased user engagement of up to 20%. The average session time also increased indicating that users found the app more intuitive and enjoyable to use.

Additionally, with the reduced friction and elimination of unnecessary steps in the checkout process users experienced a smoother and more efficient purchasing process. As a result, the client observed improved conversion rates, with more users successfully completing their purchases. This not only boosted sales performance but also increased the app’s revenue potential.

The updates made to the app’s layout, design, and content also played a crucial role in enhancing brand perception. The visually appealing and cohesive design, aligned with the client’s brand image, instilled a sense of professionalism and trust in users. The informative and engaging content catered specifically to the users’ needs, further establishing the client as a reliable source for high-quality textiles.

We have been impressed with Transpire’s unwavering commitment to our success. They have taken the time to truly understand our unique needs and challenges, and have worked tirelessly to provide tailored solutions that have transformed the user experiences.”

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