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Helping a Retail Company Improve Agility with Cloud Migration & Modernization


About the Customer

A major leading retail company hired our services to redefine its existing IT platforms, systems, and dependencies to create an integrated IT ecosystem that would consolidate restricted data stored in the SQL Database.

The company engages in retail and wholesale businesses, selling a broad range of products and services globally, primarily through its website. For a company charged with retailing responsibility, the cloud emerged as a key to tame the complexity associated with growing business requirements and consumer data while maintaining accountability and compliance.

The Challenge

The retailer’s cloud transformation journey included many hurdles. In particular, the company encountered growing challenges with its existing platforms, which were high-cost, oversized, and aging. Issues ranged from business requirements and design considerations to app integration, migration, network, security, and compliance.

With around 35 applications and database instances spread across multiple on-prem data centers in the United States, the client’s on-prem applications were costly and inefficient.

Complexities around cloud architecture hurdled the team to move data as is, or freely, in any other platform.

Discovering the options and defining a path for effective cloud migration while considering scalability and costs were their main focus.

The client wanted to be better equipped to manage the build and deployment process for business-critical, secure applications.

Seeing an opportunity to modernize infrastructure, save money and better meet the needs of consumers, the client started to look for the right cloud service provider. Our cloud experience and digital strategy were perfectly in line with where the retail company was heading.

What we did?

Transpire technologies helped the client optimize its IT secure infrastructure, reduce administrative overhead and enable its business units to focus on business priorities.

The Solution

At Transpire, we designed a reference architecture along with a future roadmap to design and implement a highly secured Zero Trust solution with security tightened across all areas.

We used the following tools and Azure services as part of our modernization of their IT infrastructure into Cloud.

Cloud Security: Secured the Azure SQL data, Cosmos DB, and PostgreSQL using a dedicated virtual network, subnet, and private endpoints and by denying public network access.

Threat Protection: Implemented advanced threat protection using Azure Security Center, Azure SQL Defender & DDOS protection.

Encryption: Encrypted the Azure SQL data using a customer-managed encryption key stored in the Azure Key vault.

Disaster Recovery: Designed a highly available, Geo-replicated environment covering Failover/Disaster Recovery scenarios.

Automation: Microsoft Azure Powershell Scripts were used to automate the environment creation process as well as customization tools, such as Chef and Jenkins, for deployment automation into Azure virtual machines.

Managing Build & Deployment: We used the GitHub source control repository to meet increased build and deployment requests.

Transpire brought its time-honored experience with cloud running on Microsoft Azure and helped the company fine-tune its database for apps, adhere to stringent technical standards, and develop a new cloud infrastructure well aligned with the company’s business-critical services and processes.

Benefits & Outcomes

With a clear and detailed cloud migration blueprint in place, the company is well-positioned to head toward its cloud journey. With the solution provided, the company can scale and migrate as many systems as they want in the future. Also, they will be able to meet changing customer demands and evolving market conditions. The secure and flexible infrastructure is now more agile, and the company can develop new products and services as needed.

The Impact

50% reduction in runtime

30% annual cost and time savings

Data center footprint reduction

Improved agility and performance

Why Transpire?

Transpire is a global IT consultancy company with over 15 years of experience in digital solutions, providing businesses with a roadmap to digital transformation. We help businesses optimize operations and increase ROI by identifying new business opportunities with specialized high-tech change and accelerating cloud migration while minimizing business disruption.


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