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Cloud Assessment and Migration for a Canadian Maritime Authority



51% of the on-prem infrastructure identified as decommission candidates, out of which 31% identified as immediate decommission candidates resulting in significant op-ex reduction.

20% of stale data found which could be decommissioned and 78% was identified as would be more cost effective to retain on-premises, considering the nature of the data and cloud costs.

100% of the VDI infrastructure was identified as immediate lift and shift candidate to cloud. 75% of the VDI infrastructure was identified as can be decommissioned moving to cloud.


More than 50% reduction in costs

81% reduction in carbon footprint

Immediate reduction in Capex items by pivoting to cloud


The client had most of its infrastructure on-premises with disaster recovery configured as a backup solution to Azure cloud. There were a few resources identified as extremely storage heavy and some legacy applications identified which were not vendor certified to run on cloud. Cloud costing was a gray area and clarity was required on anticipated cost savings. Migration strategy also needed to be defined. Transpire helped the client build a sound execution strategy, costing, business case with clear projections and anticipated cost savings over the year.


Cloud Assessment: Assessment was done using automated tools and verified by interviewing application team members, DBAs, infrastructure and support personnel.

Cloud Migration Strategy: Transpire team of experts provided a hybrid cloud solution to suit the client needs in this case.

Cloud Adoption Roadmap: It was identified that it made sense if the client lifted and shifted its infrastructure immediately to cloud, reaping the benefits of cloud and embark on application modernization journey right after.

Cloud Costing: Estimated cloud costing was provided to compare with existing infrastructure costs.

Lessons Learnt

A significant number of on-premises resources were identified which could simply be decommissioned instead of being migrated or retained on-premises. We have seen a similar trend with other cloud migration projects in general.

Not all resources are cloud friendly and some can be retained on-premises. These include storage heavy workloads which do not require formal disaster recovery or high availability.

Legacy applications which are supported on VMware but not supported on public cloud can be safely migrated to VMware cloud solutions.


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