Reflecting on a Year of Achievements: A Recap to 2023 -
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Reflecting on a Year of Achievements: A Recap to 2023


Almost every successful company recognizes the importance of ensuring customer satisfaction. Because it’s no longer enough to just compete on services and products. How a company prioritizes its customer experience is as important as what it delivers. 

Businesses, whether they are healthcare providers, online retail consumers, or IT service providers, expect high levels of satisfaction. And companies working to master this dynamic can become superior competitors. 

We at Transpire help our customers set a strategic direction to realize the full potential of today’s advanced opportunities and deliver exceptional results. We believe that the best customer experience begins by focusing on the perspective driven by the client’s needs and not on the company’s traditional structure. Therefore, we provide customer-centric strategies to let our clients build outstanding capabilities.

Here’s a collection of stories that bring to life the ways that Transpire has helped clients uncover complex issues, create meaningful impact, and deliver value to businesses.

Empowering Businesses in the Sustainability, Healthcare, and Cannabis Industries

In the sustainability, healthcare, and cannabis industries, we’ve empowered companies to outpace the competition through strategic Managed Services. Efficient execution of infrastructure and web applications is paramount for sustained growth. 

Our services not only cut costs by eliminating the need for in-house IT resources but go a step further. We take care of public and internal vendor applications, providing a comprehensive solution allowing businesses to focus on their core objectives. 

Additionally, our approach bolsters security with regular assessments, proactive threat monitoring, and robust data protection practices. This proactive approach minimizes disruptions, ensuring businesses stay focused on core objectives without the distraction of operational challenges. 

Elevating Healthcare Efficiency through Digital Innovation

In the dynamic healthcare industry, the company was striving for excellence in home-based healthcare. During their digital transformation journey, we played a pivotal role in guiding them to embrace innovation. Our expert advice and seamless implementation of cutting-edge technologies optimized their operations for enhanced patient care.

Our team not only excels in technical skills but also focuses on delivering real business improvements through ERP solutions. For example, we provide seamless integration of ADP Payroll data into the PeopleSoft ERP, ensuring accurate accounting information adhering to Peoplesoft GL combination rules. We also streamlined the process by integrating journal-level data from Concur Expense software into the PeopleSoft General Ledger module. 

Our ongoing PeopleSoft production support further strengthened modules such as AP, AM GL, Reporting, BI Publisher, combo rules, and role-based security, fostering a business environment that is both technically sound and operationally efficient. This means your team can focus on core objectives without operational distractions, leading to enhanced overall business efficiency.

Revolutionized a Nuclear Waste Management Company Through Digital Transformation

In the specialized field of nuclear waste management, a non-profit organization in the industry prioritized safety and efficiency. Partnering with us, they underwent a series of transformative initiatives.

We implemented a robust collaboration system, migrating departments to SharePoint and OneDrive. This optimized content storage, enhanced security controls, and reduced costs, fostering seamless remote access and improved search capabilities.

We conducted a thorough assessment, restructuring both the on-premises Active Directory and Azure AD and creating a unified authentication directory for streamlined operations. Our Collaborative workshops led to the creation of a next-gen Intranet portal, integrating advanced features like AI, mobile support, and targeted employee communications, revolutionizing their digital efficiency.

Transforming Financial Services: IT Overhaul for Banking and Insurance Giants

Our Information Technology solutions reshaped industry standards for a leading financial institution in the dynamic banking and insurance industry. With an efficient Intune Deployment and Support strategy, we seamlessly enrolled all devices for mobile device management (MDM), ensuring secure data control across Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android platforms.

This unified endpoint approach streamlined device management through a single console, optimizing productivity. App protection policies for mobile application management (MAM) fortified client data security. Conditional access policies and device compliance measures shielded critical information. Our tailored IT solutions empower remote work, marking a significant leap forward in the client’s operational efficiency.

Ensuring Security in the Financial Sector With Microsoft 365 Tenant

We pioneered a secure solution for migrating an existing Microsoft 365 tenant in the financial sector. Our meticulous approach involved assessing the current environment, piloting new cloud capabilities, scaling the pilot, and executing a smooth cutover to the new workload environment. 

We ensured a secure and efficient Active Directory and M365 Migration by leveraging migration tools and establishing trust relationships between forests. This streamlined solution secured critical data and positioned the financial industry for enhanced collaboration and efficiency in an evolving landscape.

Transforming Maritime Operations: Advancing Sustainability in Port Operations

We lead transformative initiatives for a company in the maritime industry, meticulously reviewing their existing on-premise and Azure applications, databases, and non-Microsoft architecture. Our expert guidance advocated a strategic migration to an end-state Azure framework, emphasizing a hybrid solution. 

Deep-diving into their Azure platform, we optimized backup strategies and identified new opportunities with Azure technologies. Our collaboration resulted in high-level future state Azure frameworks, sculpting a comprehensive roadmap tailored to the industry’s needs. This ensures a resilient and sustainable digital infrastructure, propelling the company’s evolution in maritime operations.

Revolutionizing the Shunting Industry with Tech Excellence

A shunting company embraced cutting-edge technology to secure a robust future in the competitive shunting industry. We designed a High Availability and Fault-Tolerant infrastructure through a strategic IT overhaul, standardized scalable procedures, and implemented a platform-agnostic backup and disaster recovery solution. Our comprehensive IT Review provided a roadmap aligning technology with their business objectives, ensuring optimal functionality and security.

The Shuntware Web Application underwent a transformative redesign, enhancing user interfaces and reducing training time. We helped redesign the web application with improved user experience of the core enterprise application and enhanced the overall efficiency. Moreover, we addressed challenges faced by end users and found the gap in usability, capability, and performance. This resulted in reduced training time, increased productivity, and brand engagement.

Building Trust: Elevating IT Infrastructure and Network Security

The client is an electric submetering manufacturer and billing company in Canada, providing sales, engineering, commissioning, call center, and billing services all under one roof. 

They wanted to improve their network security to mitigate the risk of data breaches that could lead to significant financial loss. Our IT Assessment project comprehensively evaluated various services, from cloud migration and network design to vendor review and end-user considerations. The assessment included a detailed analysis of Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform resources. 

We streamlined their transition from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 and enhanced security through a virtual walkthrough of on-premise hardware. Additionally, our Network Security Implementation fortified the network against potential breaches, leveraging Palo Alto Networks’ advanced features for both on-site and Azure environments. This proactive approach secured sensitive consumer information, ensuring a resilient and compliant infrastructure.

Revolutionizing HVACR Distribution Through Advanced Data Management

A leading wholesale distributor in the HVACR (Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration) industry faced the challenge of modernizing its operations. Our Data Lake and Migration Project became the catalyst for transformation. We enabled advanced analytics, real-time processing, and machine learning capabilities by implementing a centralized storage system for structured and unstructured data. 

The project, spanning basic to intelligent stages, included critical components such as metadata management, data quality checks, and governance policies. Our seamless migration from Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1 to Gen2 ensured a robust foundation for enhanced data insights, positioning the distributor at the forefront of innovation in HVACR distribution.

Automating EducationTech Company Through DevOps and Azure Expertise

Implementing DevOps transformed our client’s education tech platform, fostering seamless collaboration between development and operations teams. This approach not only accelerated development cycles, delivering high-quality updates promptly, but also introduced Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) Pipeline, Automation Framework, Infrastructure as Code, and enhanced security in the CI/CD Pipeline.

In another stride, our Azure Architecture and Disaster Recovery expertise ensured business continuity in the face of potential disruptions. By designing and implementing a robust disaster recovery plan for Azure VMs using the Azure Site Recovery service, we established a resilient system where VMs seamlessly replicate to a different region, safeguarding critical operations.

Are you Ready to Revolutionize Your Business to the Next Level?

A growing number of B2B companies are prioritizing digitization to succeed by making customer-centric strategies. We at Transpire also build a world-sequenced customer-success roadmap by prioritizing their needs. Focusing on customer success accelerates revenue growth and helps to develop a more effective and efficient go-to-market organization.

By connecting with Transpire, you can get results that help your business innovate and grow using the latest technologies, from cloud security to managed services and more. 

Together, we can make an impact with smart thinking and improved solutions. We are excited to curate more success stories by bringing more opportunities to grow and deliver value to our customers. At Transpire, we believe in the guiding philosophy to help our customers achieve their goals efficiently by customizing our services based on their needs and generating more customer value. 

Let’s innovate and transform together! Connect with Transpire to experience the power of our customer-centric approach and solutions tailored to your needs.


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