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Data Integrity for Remote Employees in Insurance Industry


Fast Facts

Client Industry: Insurance

Company Size: 200+ Employees

Technical Details: Integrity Data Enablement for Remote Employees

About the Client

Our client is a U.S.-based life (re)insurance company that specializes in acquiring annuities and in-force life insurance. For years it has been offering tailored, creative solutions that increase value for its clients, policyholders, shareholders, and employees. It helps its clients to move forward with all the services they require, from in-force transactions and product design to new business strategy development and underwriting.

The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, the investment arm of the most significant pension funds worldwide, owns our client’s company. CPPIB has the expertise and resources to successfully manage some of the market’s most important life and annuity transactions. Our client has the best in-force solutions and M&A team in the industry.

Each employee at the company uses at least two to three personal and company-issued mobile devices (BYOD). Employees must work at all times due to their job. The Insurance company was notified of crucial security issues and wanted control over company data stored on these devices. This included emails, documents, and application data.


Because of the nature of the work, each employee at the company uses two to three personal or company-owned mobile devices and works for long hours due to the nature of their job. They use these devices across multiple locations in America. Our client wanted to ensure that they comply with the recent Notifiable Data Breaches scheme.

Because the devices were used from different locations in America, our client faced a significant challenge of configuring those devices with cyber security policies. It is impossible to manually pick up each device and perform a setup process to comply with security policies.

To get rid of the problem, our client wanted a Service Provider who could devise a solution to take care of the company’s data security concerns and meet standard legislative guidelines. Also, they were looking for a solution that could be implemented to all the devices remotely.


We worked on the client’s case and analyzed all the possible solutions to the problem. After researching and considering the pros and cons of all the advanced device management tools, we used the Microsoft Intune / Microsoft Endpoint Manager Mobile Device Management tool as a final solution.

What did we implement as the solution to the client’s problem?

Central configuration manager and console of Intune: This allows the firm to control access to data and data permissions for all users enrolled in the MDM.

Integrated Microsoft Intune and the Existing System: Since the company uses Microsoft Office 365, Azure Active Directory, and Microsoft Intune was already in place, integration of Microsoft Intune to that system was easy. BYOD and company-issued devices can now be locked down to protect company information with extensive security policies that the user has created.


Cyber-attacks are prevented, and infections are minimized by locking down devices that don’t comply with cyber security policies.

Administrators can remotely wipe data from devices if they are lost or stolen. This dramatically reduces the chance of hackers or guessing passwords.

Administrators can also reset passwords remotely if necessary.

Administrators can apply security policies on all computers and devices to increase endpoint protection.

This feature ensures that all devices have the most recent operating systems and software versions. This helps reduce system vulnerabilities.

Intune Mobile Application Management (MAM) is designed to protect data from organizations at the application level rather than the device level.


After implementing the above solution, following were the outcome we got:

Central control of data and devices

All Devices Locked Down

Ability to Remotely Wipe Devices

Integrated with Existing System

Restricted Access to Unauthorized Devices

Updated Operating Systems

Enforced Device Encryption

Enforced Endpoint Protection

Why Transpire?

Transpire is a global IT consultancy company with over 15 years of experience in digital solutions, providing businesses with a roadmap to digital transformation. We provide our clients with the most relevant and next-generation solutions for their IT businesses. Insurance companies can get managed solutions to bring their operations to a single/unified platform, secure their devices with the most recent security updates, and reduce the chances of their data being leaked to cybercriminals.

We understand what our clients need from us and work to satisfy them with our services. Let us handle the work for you!


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