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AD and Cloud to Cloud M365 migration for a Canadian Insurance Company



Identity, security and cloud messaging infrastructure design, deployment and rebranding in a divesture scenario to a greenfield target.

Deployment of a new Active Directory forest and domain infrastructure was done with high availability considerations.

The on-premises deployment of AD infrastructure was synchronized with Microsoft Azure AD for use with cloud deployments including O365.

Configurations on the AD side and O365 side with E5 licensing and security features were completed successfully.


491 exchange online mailboxes including shared mailboxes and corporate users were moved from US to Canadian M365 tenant successfully using batch migration methodology.

Migration of 741 users and 1801 groups from parent Active Directory tenant in US to a green field deployment in Canada

Rebranding of 1527 active directory objects based on Canadian target company.


The client was in a divesture scenario and had to move its IT infrastructure from US to Canada. Transpire Technologies experts were involved in planning and carrying out the migration of the active directory domain and M365 email data from the source data center to the target to achieve the outcome.


AD Architecture & Design: An Active directory infrastructure was designed to support high availability and disaster recovery. Porting users with their SID history enabled the organizations users to seamlessly connect with existing servers and infrastructure.

M365 Migration Planning and Execution: E5 licenses were proposed after reviewing the security policies. A third-party migration tool was selected, installed and utilized to migrate users from source M365 tenant to the target. Migration of users was mostly seamless and done in batches to avoid any major business disruption and carried out with diligence. Advanced security features bundled with E5 licenses were enabled for the users.

Lessons Learnt

Migration of users would need their SID history to be imported, to enable them to login into their existing profile. This was seamlessly conducted as planned by Transpire team of experts.

In divesture scenarios, often rebranding aspects are not taken into consideration, but Transpire team of experts were able to carry this out seamlessly through automation and scripting.

Cloud to cloud migration of user and shared mailboxes is achievable by using third party tools. Microsoft does not commit resources directly to carry out such migrations.

Migration of users starting with a pilot and then in batches is most effective in a corporate environment where minimum disruption to services is desired.


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